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07/02/2012 / zacharycampbell1


I haven’t really understood it until recently, but the only way to get something done is to focus on it and only it. Distraction is the biggest impairment in the battle and the only way to overcome it is to disregard it and know what you need to get done. 

With me lately, i’ve been struggling a lot to focus on what will make my vision come true. After picking up an internship and working 40 hrs a week over the summer, it’ clear that in order to get done what i want done, and not what “the man” wants done i have to break away. I must set clear guidelines for what needs to get done and how and what my vision is. I need to make connections with people that will help accelerate the vision and strengthen relationships i already see as valuable. 

It’s a funny thing, focus, because it’s something everyone thinks they understand, but something few can do. I believe that in order to focus, one must free himself from the chains of status quo and make sure there is time to explore what he wants. This exploration must be guided and not distracted, because distraction will cause nothing but folly. And folly rarely creates progress in the world. 

I’m speaking about starting a venture. For me, has been a venture i’ve been working on for a while and it’s something that requires time, energy, and focus. I haven’t been able to dedicate the time i want to it because of “distractions” — whether these be work, folly, or something else. If i’m going to pursue this and use it to help make my vision come true then i must focus. I must be disciplined and show work ethic. 

Luckily i’ve been able to get other people on board so the work is distributed, but i know that i am the moving force in this and if i want it it needs to be me that focuses. I can’t rely on anyone except me. 


“If it is to be, it is up to me”

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