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10/12/2010 / zacharycampbell1


GOOGLE. It’s a beast. Started in 1996, Google has been the primary search engine for millions of people for just about 15 years. It’s crazy to think that Google started as just another start-up: small, non-lucrative, and hopeful. But the truth of the matter is that Google has grown to become so much more than just a search engine, and with this post i want to discuss how they make their money, and what other industries they have chips in.

So how does Google make money, you ask? Well seeing that the search engine spec is their forte its not far fetched to say they make their money through that. But how? Pay per click (AKA PPC) is a method Google uses in conjunction with people wanting to get their websites seen. So if i have a website that sells guitar and my SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t up to par yet, i would probably consider PPC. SEO shows the organic search results you see on the main part of the a Google search page. PPC is the erroneous stuff you see to the right. Most people don’t click them or notice them… But believe it or not, Google makes a shit load of money from them. PPC is exactly what its name says too; basically the person listing the Ad pays every time someone on the internet clicks the Ad. Google has become devious and smart too, and has begun developed Adsense–a program where you put these google PPC ads on your site and you take part of the profit from people clicking on them… Cool right?


Google has become so much more than a monogamous search engine. It’s begun delving into every aspect of your life. I mean, there really is a Google App for everything you want to do. You name it; they have Google Docs, Google Finance, Google Translate, Gmail, Google Checkout, Blogger, Google Chrome, and now they are making Google cars that drive themselves. Google is amazing. Sadly though, it’s amazement runs at a cost to us, and our privacy. Google uses its life encompassing platform to collect information from ‘EVERY PART OF YOUR LIFE!!’


Google keeps and it’s entitled to use information you submit using any of the Google applications. That’s scary to think. The question remains though: is Google Evil for doing this?  I say No.

Google stores information for up to 2 years after submitted using any of the Google applications or browsers. After that the information exists, but it isn’t present in their direct servers. Google says that they keep the information for two years, because if anything significant happens that people care about, it is probable that it was within two years. Take for example a murder. Google searches and other things can show what the murderer was looking for, and by keeping that information–when the murder happens they know who to look under and find any evidence. In a way it makes Google the internet CSI. this makes them Not EVIL. Until Google starts using my information and distributing it to people and companies i don’t want to know about me with out my consent or any probable cause, I will keep this mindset too.


Google is not evil.


I am actually going to tour the HQ’s soon. I am pretty excited about it. Maybe i will find something there that makes me change my mind about Google’s non-evilness, but i doubt it.




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