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05/05/2010 / zacharycampbell1


I just had an arguement with some friends of mine about God. What is it? Does it exist? How does religion define it? And is that correct? This obviously begs tons of questions. But the heated argument stayed pretty single minded. I told my friends that i thought god was science. In other words everything that governs the universe. I said i don’t think it was a being, but that i thought it was more supernatural and less comprehensible than most people make it out to be. They called me crazy, stupid, and laughed at me. They said, “HAHA you’re retarded, God is a being, who created everything, the bible even says so.”

“Christ, i thought, these motherfuckers are trying to make me change my fundamental beliefs.” I thought to myself, ‘wow they are arguing something that can’t be proved to exist.’ How the hell do you expect us to find God? Yeah, we don’t. That is why they created faith. Because since people can’t actually prove that god exists they just believe in him, because i guess people are illogical. Religion rests on the basis that since we can’t prove god doesn’t exist, he must exist. Personally i think that is stupid, faith is stupid. People believe in a ‘human like god’ so that when they die they can go to heaven. And heaven has been made out to be a fairytale land full of sun and beautiful white, fluffy clouds. To be honest, i don’t think that is possible. First off, we know you can’t stand on clouds, and second off it would get annoying if it was sunny all the time.

We, as humans, know that science exists and works and is real. It governs all we know of. When i think of god i think of what made the universe. Us as humans don’t know what made the universe, but presume it was something of epic proportions. It must have been a being that made all this, right? I don’t think so. I think it was just science. I think it can all be explained in a logical, mathematical format, that most of us could comprehend.

The fact that science hasn’t gotten past the big bang leaves us still in an area of obscurity, where these stupid arguments occur. Imagine, back when they thought the earth was flat, people believed God made the earth flat. No! Science has disproved that. More and more of the obscurities delineated by religion and god are dissipating due to science, math, and logic.

I don’t know if we’ll ever know what god is. But for me i believe that physics, chemistry, and biology govern all that we know of, and i don’t think anyone can argue that.

People will say that God governs all.

But we know that Science governs all.

Therefore God is Science.

There are two types of people, those who believe in religion and god because they hope there is something better, and those who believe that science governs all. I am the second one.

And i can tell you something that is definitely true, religion is a core cause of many conflicts in the world. Without it the world would probably be much more peaceful. Belief is hard wired into all of us. We hate being told that our beliefs are wrong, we hate when people try to change our beliefs. Different people have different interpretations of everything. When people argue they are right and butt heads–that’s where true rage emerges. It’s no wonder why in the middle east people are blowing things up. It is because their interpretations of holy texts differ from other people’s. The people who interpret the text differently want others to follow what they believe, and will inflict tragedies to do so.

I was pissed off when i was arguing about God and religion and science. I know i am right, because you can’t disprove me, but they know they are right because we can’t disprove them. I wanted to reach across the table and smash the dude in his face, but i didn’t because i realized it was all just about something that is not known.

So until it is fucking PROVEN, don’t tell me what is what. I know there are people out there that agree with me–so comment and let me know what you’re thinking.



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  1. monarc7 / May 5 2010 10:34 pm

    Not everyone who believes in God does it because they yearn for something better, those who do so are the escapists Nietszche spoke of and are much like you who think this or that work cos you want to stay alive.

    The cause of conflict might look like religion but is not totally. If others were more understanding, had better self-control, religion will not ’cause’ them to do anything like that. Ok, the cause of so many broken homes is the departure from God, could it be?

    Science governs nothing. What we sense is what we sense, what is sense is what is here, but it could have been otherwise. What we experience is just what science brings out. It is a redundant job that science does, just showcases what is already on show. Science is realism and is the shelter of the survivalists.

    • itzexodus / May 14 2010 9:44 am

      And to the guy above me, the cause of broken homes is not the absense of God, it’s the absence of common sense and self-control. When daddy’s beating mommy and fucking another woman, it’s kinda hard to keep a household together.

      Worst of all, this happens in homes that SAY they believe in a higher being, yet still act like the “soulless heathens” they demonize on a daily basis. It doesn’t take a believe in a higher entity to act like a real man.

  2. itzexodus / May 14 2010 9:42 am

    I agree dude. I was just thinking and talking about this the other day. I can believe more in science and what I can see and touch than an intangible law of the universe. I’m not completely ruling out a God, but I’m not standing up for him/her/it/whateverthefuckitis either.

    • zacharycampbell1 / May 20 2010 2:34 am

      thank you! Finally, a level headed person that agrees with me.

      I am not completely ruling out a god either, but i am saying people just gobble up every piece of bullshit that is fed to them instead of fucking thinking for themselves, ya know.

  3. Hare / Jul 18 2011 6:47 am

    I just happen to stumble on this website. I am a scientist. I work extremely long hours and spend time in the lab in an effort to truly understand something and in the process contribute to the mankind’s understanding of the World. Science is my religion and the ability to truly understand something is to understand “the mind of God”

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