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10/13/2009 / zacharycampbell1

Capitalism: a fat-shit story

As a fellow Michigander, i support Michael Moore in his quest to spread his obscured and often convoluted messages…that was until i saw his latest attempt at a film: Capitalism: a love story. And i know, i know that i hyped this piece of shit of a movie up in previous posts, but that was only because i bought a “capitalism: a love story” poster and it’s  beautiful, and i mean good movies usually have good posters right? Apparently not always…

Who’s ever walked into a movie theatre and seen 3 people sitting there? And im not talking about a small ass theatre im talking about the biggest of the biggest ass theatres: AMC 30 in Irvine CA. So yeah, that was my first hint that some bad ass shit was up, and another was the fact that the beginning of the movie resembled an amateur high-school film, like i could’ve done it better than him.

Anyways im gonna tell you the entire movie in one short sentence that my brother, weirdly enough, conjured up. He said that moores movie attempts to “put the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, to ruins.” Wow, how concise and right is that? If you’ve seen the movie you, like me, know that moore redundantly attempts to tell stories of old fat people, and how banks foreclosed on their houses. Usually these characters embody what i would call a redneck-like persona. Every time these morbidly obese people would talk all would hear is “ain’t, darn, and whootin’,” maybe not whootin’ but still… It became infuriatingly annoying and i mean he uses the same dead-beat characters over and over again–as if we don’t know that rednecks are retarded. Obviously these people are going to be in financial ruts with unemployment ramming them up their asses–who the fuck wants to hire an uneducated, ignorant fatty? Not me, and obviously not America.

Anyways the movie goes on and moore tries to make entertaining “citizens arrests,” but fails miserably. i think the best part of the entire movie is where Moore is standing outside of the NYSE (new york stock exchange) and asks the brokers “for advice,” one guy quickly and frankly responded “yeah, stop making movies.” I agree with who ever that was, and thank -you for saying that. Moore your days as a movie maker are over, now it’s time for you and your international camera men to pack up and leave, ¿Entendido?


Mr. Moore, i am here to make a citizens arrest on you and your movie; it sucked a big one.



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  1. Pypemeemdwelp / Dec 13 2009 12:51 am

    wow, sounds like your an expert on the topic? or are you, hah?

    • zacharycampbell1 / Jan 15 2010 5:13 am

      i wouldn’t say im an “expert” on the topic, but definitely enlightened enough to know that that movie was a total slice of BS. I mean do you want the country to spiral down into a socialist mindset, where communism is right on the brink of our horizon??? i don’t man, and i don’t think you should either, unless your a vagabond–in which case that might actually be a rational way to think.

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