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10/07/2009 / zacharycampbell1

ThreadLESS–clothes man, im talking about clothes

yesterday while i was nonchalantly surfing the web i ran into an amazing website, one that is destined for greatness. If any of you guys are into style, which i presume you are, then you gotta check this place out: Not only does the site have amazingly attractive and inexpensive products, but the company operates on a collaborative premise where users create designs and give the website legal ownership, and in turn you get some of the profits if the design is printed on shirts and sold from their website. You, as a buyer, have the ability to place the design on either a guys shirt/girls shirt/or hoody–whichever one floats your boat…

It’s like a creative mecca or something, i love it. Don’t be afraid to check it out, really the only thing you should be afraid of, with regards to this site, is if you have enough space in your closet to fit all the clothes your gonna buy. haha

here’s one of the designs they sell, im gonna get it on a t-shirt–how about you?

Inexpensive and cool–what’s not to like?



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