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09/25/2009 / zacharycampbell1

10 Favorite Websites

I have been roaming around on the internet for the past half-hour now, and have decided to enlighten you, my loyal audience, on the Webs top websites. These sites range from social networks to blogs to search engines and online applications. Hopefully you don’t know some of these, because if not this entry will be very boring.

1.) well i am assuming that you all know what wikipedia is, but you know i view it more as an authentic “mecca for knowledge.” Although many professors and teachers say not to use it, we do, and you know what i get A’s, so i mean it can’t be that apocryphal. I think instead of using history textbooks we should just have slabs of plastic that project wikipedia onto a touch screen that us, the users, can manipulate–the entire wikipedia data base would be uploaded onto the device, and it would be amazing. That is just a thought though, it should be real.

2.) I don’t think you guys have heard of Zoho, but if you have you definitly know that it’s a kick-ass web-based application machine. If you don’t want to buy microsoft word/ppt/excel–then just become a member at zoho, it’s an online microsoft suite basically, and if your computer crashes all your documents will be safe and sound online at

3.) I am into technology: gadgets, computers…etc. I don’t know about you, but i really do believe that engadget is the best source for any information regarding anything pertaining to technology. Go check it out, i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

4.) i know i am using wordpress right now, but in the past i have used google’s blogger. I found it to be very user friendly, very easy to do interactive things with it, it works well with the whole google system. I guess this time i wanted to try something “not google,” but as it’s proven, for me at least, google has their shit down. Blogger works very well, and if you are looking into starting a blog, like me, then i recommend using the google interface. WordPress doesn’t allow users to freely post ads on their blogs, google does–this let’s users make money, and gives them an incentive to write. With the new blog i was talking about i may very well use blogger.

5.) Huffington Post: i found this site a week ago, and have visited it basically every day–at least once a day. It is a great source of current news, and it is comical too. So if you’re looking for the same quality writing as the NY times, in an online comical format, then you found it with the Huffington Post.

6.) Listen to music? I would guess so. If you don’t want the hassle of having to download music from Itunes, lime wire, amazon…etc, then just head on over to pandora where you’ll play the music you like and skip the stuff you despise, and the station will actually adapt to playing songs you would like, and will play those types of songs more  frequently. check it out.

7.) I love this place, primarily because i love 30 rock and can watch it online now because of this new website. If you like some of TV’s most popular stuff like SNL and 30 rock then give this site a look, i promise you’ll enjoy it.

8.) everyone knows google, everyone. It’s the most used site in the world, however most people don’t utilize google to its full potential. You can do so much with this thing: Gmail, blogger, picassa, document creator, maps, youtube, search…the list goes on and on. Here is what i say: make an account, and start exploring their site, it’s actually endless, they’re always pushing the bounds of what the internet can do.

9.) everyone also knows facebook, i like it too. So it’s up here. enjoy.

10.) Photography is very interesting to me, and flickr is a place you can post your images. if you’re into photography and have some good ones create an account and post that shit, it’s fun sharing your masterpieces with the world.

Hope you guys like these sites, i know i do, a lot!

Peace out…


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