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09/23/2009 / zacharycampbell1


haha. I felt like writing chinese, so i did; anyways that literally means “Guanyu wo,” translated into english: “About me.” Today i was in my electronic rhetoric class, which deals with blogging and social networking–really interesting stuff, to me at least–and we came across a point that stated “A blogger should establish credibility with his audience,” or in more simplistic terms: He should state why he is writing, and why he is an authority on the subject matter.

This takes me to my next point: What is this blog, and what axioms manipulate it?

This is a blog that encircles me; that’s why the domain name is, and that’s why you see my name, ZAC, all over. This blog is my opinion, it’s my ideas, my feelings; it’s me. I am a college student at Chapman University in Orange California. I major in business administration with an entrepreneurial emphasis. I like everything and anything from photography to triathlons, from technology to hip/hop–i have many interests, and my take on any events pertaining to my interests will be posted here.

I have been writing blogs for around four years now, but this is the first blog that encircles me. I have written ones about technology, i have made blogs that chronologically follow classes like US history–those are very popular, check out

Why am i an authority on subjects? i don’t think i would call myself an authority, just another opinion…hopefully an entertaining one, but just another opinion.

Anyways, just thought i would get a post in today. Comment on whatever, please.



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