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09/22/2009 / zacharycampbell1

latest idea, with logo!

hey guys. today while i was in management science 208-or business math, i was devising ideas for businesses. And no i wasn’t slacking off, i already know the stuff. But i think i would call it ZFACTORIAL or something around those lines. The idea is simple, but the follow through is going to take some hard-work; basically what zfactorial will do is start companies for under $10,000 dollars–have menial costs, meaning that it’s run by one or two people–on the internet, and can basically operate 24/7/365. I would help devise ideas for companies, then help finance them in the begining–and then take a fixed portion of their profits. It’s golden, and im already thinking of ideas. Just in math class i came up with 2 of em’.



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