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09/21/2009 / zacharycampbell1

WTF is wrong with people!?

What is blogging, why am i doing this, why do you care, and why do i care? For anyone who can’t critically think, or doesn’t have an iq over 24, let me break it down for you–blogging is for everyone! it’s a ubiquitous application that allows everyone to develop a public opinion. Blogging allows people to be netizens, or if you can’t even piece that together “Inter’net’+ cit’izens'”=netizens. Everyone in a developed nation has access to the internet now-a-days, so in a way by becoming a frequent internet user, or netizen, you become part of something bigger than just you or i. You become part of something global, something bigger than any other thing in the world. The internet links us all, and it is important to establish a presence in this community; why do you think we all have Facebook, yahoo, gmail, youtube–you’re trying to establish yourself as part of a community–and in doing so you establish you’re presence on the internet. Blogging to be honest is not that different from being part of facebook, gmail, yahoo, or youtube–it’s just for more avid netizens like myself who want more of a presence in the online community. I like the internet, so it’s not strange for me to be a part of it.

Why am i saying this?

because people are coming up to me flabbergasted at my blog. Why? probably because they don’t like the internet as much as me.

go on and read if you please…

ok, i know this is a blog, and it’s only gotten like 400 hits, but still i am into doing this kind of stuff. And people who want me to stop are obviously trying to make me something i am not. If you don’t know that i like blogging, then you don’t know who i am. I’ve been blogging for around four years now, and have established six blogs–all with different focal points. This blog is specifically designated towards me, and my opinion and my activities. If you don’t like it don’t read it; and if you’re going to tell me what to do–and try prohibit me from being myself i am just going to filter you out. i know i went overboard with the college journey vid’s, but this is different. So if you’re going to castigate and criticize my blog–which is me (in a way)–then leave, now!


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  1. ThePerfectPushUp / Sep 23 2009 3:41 am


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