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09/20/2009 / zacharycampbell1

KID Cudi and more…

Yo guys, i just got this CD, Kid Cudi’s Man on the moon. It’s the shit. I gotta say “Simple As” blows it up with it’s unique and original mixing of what feels like an old-school beat, mixed with alternative electronic, and rap. It’s trippy, but i’ve been listening to it all day: on the drive up to hollywood–that explains the Amoeba Music store photo–and the new CD’s.

You may have noticed the new items on the blog. I’ve been workin’ on this stuff, so hopefully ur liking it. Ok, so i posted up Michael Moore’s latest movie trailer: Capitalism: a Love story–coming out october second. So i mean if any of you guys are into making money like me, ur gonna want  to check it out. This guy is on his game. He has made three big movies so far: Fahrenheit 911, Sicko, and now this–so the guy is into pertinent ubiquitous issues–that pertain to at least american people. If you don’t understand the whole credit crisis that happened–the recession, blah, blah, blah–all that stuff, then you have to watch this movie, because if you’re not an economist, or take economics, like me, then ur not going to have a chance at understanding what’s been going on. This movie is you’re way to finally know what ur “smart”  friends were talking about. haha

I also posted a widget at the bottom ride side of the page; it’s for “invisible children.” “The Invisible Children Bracelet Campaign creates economic opportunities for people in northern Uganda’s IDP camps through employment and the facilitation of savings and investment, while evoking compassion and raising money around the world to support war affected children in northern Uganda.” (invisible children)… anyways, it’s a good reason to reach into your pockets–and i mean not only do you help these people in so many ways, you also get a cool bracelet. SO JUST DONATE–i do, and have no regrets, at all!



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