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09/20/2009 / zacharycampbell1

From cars to maple syrup and big asses

Today im  going to briefly talk aboot me and where I come from.

As you may or may not have noticed I instinctively used the word “Aboot,” I know what you’re thinking: “He is Canadian, right?” Wrong! But I did live there, in Vancouver BC as a matter of fact, for three long years. This is an academically associated blog, and the assignment is to write a post describing you’re hometown.

I know this is going to sound random but I am actually from Detroit, Michigan—currently the most economically distraught region in the nation. But when I lived there which was from 91’ to 04’, the times were nice and flowed well. The town I lived in was called Birmingham; it was small metropolitan vicinity located 20 miles southwest of the “Big-D.” There were around 40, 000 people living there at the time, but now I assume it’s down to around half that. The area was very flat–almost too flat, and was covered by perfectly cut, chemically treated grass. There were a lot of kids in the town; it was one of those very residential area’s with tons of little established neighborhoods. As a young kid, I thought the place was amazing. But that was until I moved to Vancouver BC and realized that there was indeed such thing as an ocean, and that I liked big buildings and mountains and skiing, and culture/diversity—Birmingham was truthfully very bland, monotonous and “vanilla,” if you know what I mean. In Vancouver my best friend was from Zimbabwe, so I definitely started expanding my cultural horizons from there on.

One thing that I did like aboot (haha about) B-ham was it’s quaintness. I mean right now I am in LA, the biggest ass city in America, and I was in Vancouver, so I haven’t lived in any part of the world as quaint as Birmingham Michigan. I visit the place from time to time with my family, but I always come to the realization that there isn’t that much to do there. And that is why I am happy living in these big ass cities. and i can’t wait to go to some more of em’ like london, chicago, NY, toronto, barcelona… i was in china this summer, so i hit up Shanghai, which is the biggest, baddest ass chinese city of them all–and beijing the political corruption capital of the world–but that was also dope.

i will hit you guys up later, but…

Until next time, peace.


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